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Uganda 2019

Updated: Nov 5, 2019


Dear Joe,

I write this letter to gratefully thank you and the whole Community of the Servants of Jesus for sending us the mission team that set us on fire for the Lord.

The team served the Ibanda Community where we stay, and they ministered to the children and the Youth gave them teachings and prayed for them for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They met with the “Ahabwe Fraternity” they also reached out to a Babies Home in Ibanda and they very much encouraged the order of sisters who serve this orphanage.

After Ibanda ministry the team went off to the National Conference of Charismatic Renewal in Fortportal  where we had 8000 participants attending. They ministered to the Youth and the Church where the Youth meetings took place was filled up. They were lots of prayer ministry right from the start, teachings and many Youth were baptized in Holy Spirit and several delivered from evil spirits. From their ministry I am seeing empowered Youth a hope for the faith now and for the future.

The team demonstrated a spirit of solidarity with the people; this was more powerful and won people’s hearts especially during liturgical celebrations. During our evaluation meeting they commented the oneness they felt when some members of the team joined the liturgical dances.

I trust the team should have given you the photos as well as witness of what they experienced.

On a personal note I want to appreciate the one on one sharing with the team that brought light into our mind especially in the area of discerning God’s direction and will.

Once again I and Joyce are very grateful to you Joe and Julie, the community of the Servants of Jesus and to the Servants Friends International platform that has supported us with these mission trips. Of course I thank all the different teams that have been here it really feels real brotherhood.

May God bless you.

Robert Tumuhimbise for Uganda


During late August 2019, a team of 8 lead by Richard Martin visited Uganda for the National Catholic Charismatic Conference in Fort Portal (west Uganda.) The theme of the conference was John 6:63 "It is the Spirit that gives life."

Approximately 5000-7000 people attended. Richard spoke at a number of sessions, while the wider team served at the youth stream, partnering with the national youth leaders to share personal testimonies of encouragement, teachings and times of ministry with the youth. The Spirit moved powerfully, many of the youth were set free and empowered in their walk with Jesus.

Mike Schembri led the co-ordination of workshops with the national youth leaders to ensure the youth stream was structured in a way that has real impact on the Ugandan youth. Mike also worked with leaders in Ibanda on developing community structures and planning for the future.

Overall the team that visited Uganda were deeply touched by the trip and the hospitality of the local people, particularly Robert (the National CCR co-ordinator ,his wife Joyce and their family. They had the opportunity to attend the local church and serve the youth in Ibanda, Robert and Joyce's home town. The team were able to play with the youth, play soccer and share the Scriptures.

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