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May 2019 - Building Projects Update, Sydney

Updated: May 31, 2019


31st May marked the the official opening of the storage facility. Present were our local State member of Parliament, Mr Mark Taylor, the Mayor for Blacktown, Mr Stephen Bali MP, Simon Black, Peter O'Brien, project manager Paul Axiak and helpers and members of Community Care Inc and Servants of Jesus Community.

Richard Martin thanked the members of Parliament and those involved in the project, he also thanked local councillors, politicians, the NSW State Govt who contributed $40,000.00 towards the project, as well as all the chaplains in our local area who do such wonderful work. Mr Mark Taylor MP responded by saying he has seen over the years what is being done by Hope Outreach and our Refugee Program and is delighted by what we are doing for the underprivileged in this area.

STAGE I complete - Lift. STAGE 2 complete - Bathrooms and CCI Storehouse

Our CCI Storehouse is now complete. Pictured above from various angles. This is located at the end of our outside seating area.(pictured above) This facility now includes extra disabled bathrooms as well as ample storage space for product. Hope Outreach and our Refugee program are now run from this building. We are currently setting up another Barista machine within this building which will provide another service facility for Hebrews cafe.

STAGE 3 still to come.

Expansion of our cafe (Hebrews).

STAGE 4 still to come.

Extension of current building. 

MORE LAND (below)

Land to left of SOJ entrance.

The land to the left of the Servants of Jesus Community Centre is currently being cleared, cleaned and prepared for sale by Blacktown Council . The Council have given SOJ first option to purchase - $1.5million - money we don't have. We have been praying seeking God's thoughts on this, you are welcome to pray with us.

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