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Malta - "Our Vision" Weekend 2019

Joe and Marie

Annual community conference 

The 10 of February is a national celebration of when St Paul was shipwrecked on Malta (Acts 28) It is customary for us to have our annual community conference close to this date and the theme this year was on renewing our vision (Isaiah 61) The core members of FFC were invited to participate. We prepared for the conference with praying and fasting and we experienced great blessings. Our pray is that through the developments and changes that we will be undergoing as a community, we will be in a better position to serve God and to be in line with His will for us as we serve Him in our nation. 

This was taken during worship at "Our Vision" weekend

Lent outreach

During the first week of April, held our annual Lent outreach in the parish church at Qormi. Several members from FFC when door to door handing invitations to people. It was a positive experience and we had testimonies from those who participated about being invited in and how they could share their faith with those at home. This outreach was done with the collaboration of the parish priest. 

Lenten outreach at Qormi


Joe and Marie Sammut

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