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SFI 2018 - Annual General Meeting

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Below is a series of reports from the October 2018 meeting.


River of Life Community, Qld Australia.  


Support an orphanage “Grace Help Centre” northwest of Johannesburg.  5% of our tithe goes towards this, as well as a generous percentage of the takings from the BBQ we run at Bunnings every 2nd week. We went to South Africa this year to visit this orphanage - we have been able to give $AU6000.00 to help fund them. Unfortunately they receive no government support - this is a problem with regard to their future. 


Families for Christ Community, Malta


We have been working on discipleship and house groups this year. There is a lot of work to be done still but it is good. 

We have located a Centre as our base and are currently in negotiation. It is an old convent and, if that materialises, it will be good to work with Servants of Jesus to reach out into the European sector. The Centre has been abandoned for the last 30 years so there is a bit of work to do. Please pray as we are meeting with the sisters sometime next week.

Regarding Malta, there is so much materialism now - people are engrossed in their lives and possessions which has made them spiritually very poor. It is a big challenge. 

A question was asked regarding number of members: We have about 50 couples who come regularly to our Friday meetings, and 35 people are in our discipleship program. 


CCR Fellowship, Uganda


I serve as the National Co-Ordinator for the CCR in Uganda. I use this as a platform to co-ordinate activities - youth conferences and marriage seminars. 

I was part of Emmaus Community for many years and relocated to Western Uganda with my family. For the last 3 years, with 3 couples, I started a group informally. We meet in our homes every 3 months and together we are seeking the Lord for direction. It is clear the Lord is bringing us together for something. A team from Servants of Jesus met with us last year, ministered and gave prophetic words etc. which was a great blessing to us. We have a lot of families who are not functioning and we are praying for Baptism in the Holy Spirit. 

We are being led to put our efforts into the youth through conferences and a discipleship program. We are planning a youth conference for May 2019 and we have invited Richard Martin and his team to come and run the conference. 

We continue to seek the Lord for His leading in this venture. 


Servants of Jesus Community, NSW, Australia.


We have had a wonderful growth in our Young Adults over this past year. Miraculously, through prayer, it has grown to one of the strongest groups in our community. Prayer is the only thing that changes circumstances. 

We have made connections this year with John Arnott and Catch the Fire ministries Australia. We have visitors from Belgium, Minh and Sabine, who are bringing many Vietnamese into our community. Minh is Vietnamese and he and Sabine are currently on a 3 month visa here in Australia, working with the Vietnamese community. 

By far, however, the most exciting thing that has happened this year is the meeting we went to in Augusta, Georgia in February this year. There were two meetings, one was called "Fellowship of Communities " and was by invitation only. It was wonderful for us because it was what we originally longed for as a community. We are attending again next February. This meeting is for representatives of various networks throughout the world and we will be going as representatives for SFI.

Please pray for this meeting. 

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