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Malta - Marriage Investment Weekend

Joe and Marie

How is marriage connected to investment?

Generally speaking, we enter marriage and do so with a clear determination and a serious commitment to make it work. Getting married requires that we give into it most of our energy and resources so that we can build a life together. That in itself is the biggest and most significant investment we will ever do. However, unless we continuously invest time to communicate and focus on some basic but crucial issues concerning our life together, we risk losing it all.

The fast pace and demands of modern living can place several demands on us and unless we take time to stay on track, we can easily lose our focus and risk losing our most precious relationship. In short, this is the main focus of the Marriage Investment (MI) weekend. This year the MI was held in a hotel with 38 couples participating, of which, 15 were first timers. The idea of residing in a hotel is to create an environment of relaxation away from the daily routine and to provide the couples with the opportunity to have time alone and focus on their relationship. We also provided men and women small groups to facilitate further sharing and discussion.

This is a photo of the group during one of the teachings.

We touched on some of the dysfunctional areas that effect marriage and individual’s live and how that can reflect on marriage and relationships. Each one of us comes in with a ‘baggage’ of unresolved issues which manifest itself in fears, anger, anxieties, and guilt. As we become aware of these issues and see the need to deal with them, we start on a process that helps us move forward and avoid conflict in marriage. God’s plan for marriage provides us with a sacramental source of grace that we can draw from to receive healing and restoration as we learn to come under his authority. This powerful source of grace can heal and flow into the couple’s personal life and family.

As we mature and learn how to trust in the Fathers’ love, we will have the grace to move from brokenness towards restoration and wholeness. These were the goals we aimed to reach through this year’s MI weekend and hope that it will have lasting fruit and result in an investment for those who have participated.


Joe and Marie Sammut

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